Friday, December 20, 2013


I'm back!  I was very busy the past 2 months.  But, I'm back!  Although, I don't think I'll be able to sustain this blogging thing (ang hirap maghanap ng time), but I'll try.

A few weeks back, we were in the BGC area and decided to try Vask.  We did not call for reservation (which is dumb of us since it was December, and Friday at that) but there was a vacant table for 7-8pm, so we grabbed it.  The interiors were nice and the toilet was well stocked (L' Occitane hand wash and white hand towels…nice).  As for the food, we tried their degustation menu.  It was pricey but we gave it a go since we don't know when we will be back in this restaurant (and in the area…being probinsyana and all…hehehe).

Degustation Menu
The menu composed of 3 kinds of appetizers, 4 main courses and 2 desserts.  Let me break it down for you…

The appetizers (from left to right): Foie Gras on Mango Toast, Txipiron Plancha, Mejillon Tigre)
These appetizers were all yummy.  The foie gras was soft and good (it was foie gras, need I say more?).  Txipiron Plancha is grilled baby calamari and caramelized.  I like that it was a bit salty and tasty and crunchy!  Mejillon Tigre was spicy crispy mussels…crispy on the outside but soft inside.  My ultimate favorite was the Mejillon Tigre.

Huevos, Hongos y Cebolla
This dish ultimately introduced us to the high-tech way the food was prepared in Vask.  The egg was cooked to 62 degrees. I tasted like egg but "sosyal" egg.  It had porcini mushroom, garlic, breadcrumbs, port wine sauce and onion foam.  This dish is refreshingly different and very good.

Pulpo a la Gallega
This is octopus with potato (I would say it was mashed potato but I couldn't because the potato was prepared to be so creamy…so I can probably say that this is potato cream), olive oil and paprika.  Again, another yummy dish.  The octopus is surprisingly not chewy.  It is probably because the octopus was cut in very small bite-sized portion.

Scallops and Blank Ink Risotto
Another very good dish, although the risotto was a bit salty.  This dish is composed of Carnaroli rice in squid ink with parmesan chips and green asparagus.

U.S Tenderloin with Mushroom Textures
And the very main course (I presume) was this beef creation.  I was pleasantly surprised that they used different types of mushrooms prepared in different ways (mash, foam, sautee and sauce).  Nice and yummy!  I can't say yummy enough in this post!

Chocolate and Cookies
Dark Valrhona chocolate cream, pink peppercorn, ginger hazelnut cookies, Nespresso Ristretto coffee ice cream…need I say more?  The multiple ingredients coming together in this nicely plated dessert was worth the traffic coming to this place.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised to see these ingredients in this setting.  And yes, you guessed it…yum yum yummy!

Extra Olive Chocolate Truffle
Lastly, this creation.  I was excited to eat it, so I wasn't able to take a proper picture.  Needless to say, this truffle was heavenly.

If you are in the BGC area and you have extra moolah (P1,950 that is), then I highly recommend for you to try Vask Restaurant.  Vask is located at 11th Ave corner 39th St. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.  You can call (02) 2176563 for reservation.

That's it for now.  Thanks for reading!