Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That Rhyme Game

Hi guys!  This is a new kind of review.  Today I will share to you my thoughts on a certain app.  I came across this app from FB posts of friends...well, actually, I also know the creator of this game.  This game is really fun!  It's like 4 pics, one word with a twist.
Title Screen
Main menu
The goal of the game is to guess the 2 words.  The pictures are clues about the words and these 2 words rhyme.  The concept is so cool!

Can you guess the words?
I had fun and still having fun playing this game.  Good news to all of us, this game is free!  Yey!  For now, there are no annoying pop-up advertisements...just a small feed in the bottom (which is not a bother since you can easily ignore it...or become aware of other cool games).  The app is free and can be found in Google Play (for Android users) or App store (for ioS users).  I highly recommend downloading this app.

Have fun!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Larcy's Cupcakery

Hi guys!  Anyone here who has a sweet-tooth?  Both my hands are raised.  I'm really a sucker for sweets and desserts.  Last night, I had the chance to try Larcy's Cupcakery.  Larcy's is located along Aguirre Ave. BF Homes Paranaque.  The interiors are really nice.  Even though the motif is more on the pink side, the dark brown that is spread across the place makes the interior more appealing. I wasn't able to take pictures of the interiors because I was shy.  I haven't gotten into this blogger frame of mind yet.  Anyways, here are what we ordered...(try not to drool...Hihihi)

The one on the top is the Pineapple and Carrot cupcake, the middle one is Banana Crunch and the one on the foreground is Vanilla Speculous.  Let me tell you, they look really yummy and they really are.  They all tasted really good!  I didn't eat all of them though.  I had other companions with me so I just took a bite of each cupcake.  My order was the Vanilla Speculous and that I finished.

Now let me introduce you the Pink Velvet cupcake...

Oh, this one is divine.  It's perfect.

Lastly, this is the Valrhona Chocolate with Nutella...

Another delicious cupcake creation.

All the cupcakes were moist and soft.  The sizes were just right. If they had made bigger cupcakes then the richness and sweetness will be overwhelming.  At P 75-80 per piece, these cupcakes are a steal. They are worth their price.  Larcy's Cupcakery also offers main course entrees, hot and iced drinks, and cakes.

To all those from the South (or Northerners who would like to visit the south), I highly recommend dropping by Larcy's Cupcakery.  I would definitely return and try more of their other offerings.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jinu Hair Salon

Good news to those who live in the South.  I have finally found the best hair stylist evuh!  Here's the story...(sorry, no actual pictures for today's post...too shy to take pictures of the salon and my new hair style...Hihihi)...

I took a day off from work yesterday to do something drastic to my hair.  I have always had straight hair.  So, yesterday, I wanted to try something different.  I wanted to try being a curly-haired girl.  Off I went to the internet, to search for the best digital perm salon in Alabang.  And so, Google introduced me to Jinu Hair Salon.  It was the first entry in my Google search list.  I actually have read about this salon previously (in Southern Living magazine) but forgot about the details of the salon.  I scanned through the list and clicked on some sites.  All of them claim that Sam, the lone hair stylist of Jinu Salon is a miracle hair worker.  I was convinced with their stories, so I booked an appointment.

The salon looked like one of my neighborhood salons, back in the day.  The decor did not have a theme and it was pretty much simple.  Chairs with mirrors in front and a waiting area.  The salon looked a bit dated but I had high hopes with regards to the hair stylist.

My appointment was at 2 pm but I had to wait a few minutes since Sam was still busy with a client.  When it was my turn to sit down on the chair, I immediately proceeded with telling Sam what I want for my hair.  I told him that I want digital perm with loose curls only if it's wash and wear.  I really don't have time to dry my hair in the morning.  I usually take a shower then rush out of the house with towel-dried (aka wet) hair.  He said that the curls can be air-dried and fuss-free.  He told me what he planned to do with my hair.  He trimmed a little bit and proceeded with the digital perm process.

For those of you have not undergone digital perm, it's actually a very short procedure.  The perming itself (the curl holders are attached to a machine) only took 20 minutes.  The long part is the putting on the chemical (around 30 minutes) and the rinsing of the hair (they shampooed my hair after the haircut, after putting on the chemical and after the digital perm hair got shampooed 3 times!).

And the end result?  Perfection!  I have never seen my hair so alive and bouncy!  I really liked what Sam did to my hair.  He said that I can wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner the very next day.  I don't need a comb/brush to fix my hair.  I just put a lotion-like liquid (like a leave-on conditioner) after taking a bath and just twist the hair...easy peasy.

It has been 2 days since the perming process.  My curls are the same as when I left the salon.  My hairstyle is still wash and wear...although I wash my hair at night and put on the leave-on liquid in the morning and twist the curls.

The verdict?  I highly recommend everyone to try Jinu Hair Salon located at MSA Prime Building, Prime Street, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa (in front of CCF and at the back of Citibank Alabang-Zapote Road).  Make an appointment though, because there's only 1 super hair stylist (Sam).  You may call them at (02) 6597242.

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kanin Club

Hi guys!  What's for dinner tonight?  Kanin Club!  I've always liked eating at Kanin Club.  This resto serves Filipino cuisine with a twist.  It's comfort food in a different presentation.  Take this for example... 
Sinigang Rice
The sinigang rice actually takes like sinigang soup with rice.  Look at that piece of meat (well, mostly fat though).  It's yummy!  The kangkong leaves and okra were reinvented to become fried beings (taking the form of tempura).

Ensaladang Talong
The ensaladang talong is okay but needs a little bit more flavor.

Spicy Tahong
This spicy tahong dish brings back memories of Thailand.  This dish actually tastes a bit like a cross between kare-kare and curry.  It's delicious!

I forgot to take a picture of Crispy Tenga (fried and crispy pig's ears).  I didn't like it that much since it was a little hard to eat.  It was not that crispy.

And for dessert...

Turon Kanin Club Ala Mode
We had Turon (banana fritters) with vanilla ice cream.  The turon was actually fully packed.  The usual turon just has bananas and jackfruit inside.  But these had young coconut, purple yam and red beans inside.  It's like halo-halo in turn.  This is also good.

All in all, I had a great and sumptuous dinner.  All the food were consumed by me and my companion. The total bill was P 989.28...which was not bad for the amount of food that was served.  I recommend Kanin Club restaurant if you are craving for Pinoy dishes.  It's good and bang-for-your-buck.

That's it for now.  I hope to keep on blogging despite my very busy schedule.  I'll tell you all about the project that has kept me busy next time.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grand Hyatt

Hi guys!  I attended a conference in Jakarta a few days ago and I was booked at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.  And my, oh was really grand...

And my room was oh so nice!  I wish I had a room as grand as this in my own house...
The nice and comfy bed

The office and mini bar area

The walk-in closet

The bathroom

And look at this sink...

It was soooo nice....ooooh...

And that little white thing on the right upper most part of the phone is my life saver.
I took the wrong charger for my iphone when I was packing for this trip.  Good thing the room was equipped with this port.  My lifeline to the world can now be charged.  Yey!

Swimming Pool
I had a view of the huge swimming pool from my room.  I wasn't able to use it though.  :-(

And now, for this box over here...
It's the mini cool!
The top part had the refrigerator.
First drawer had some glasses and nuts.

Second drawer had some more food.

And here's the view from my room...Grand Hyatt Hotel is right in the middle of Jakarta's business district.  The hotel is actually connected to the Plaza Indonesia Mall and very near (2-minute walking) to 2 other malls. 

That was my Jakarta trip.  It was short but very informative (I attended 1.5 days of lectures) and I had fun shopping around the area (although, the shopping was short-lived due to time constraints).

That's it for now.  Have a great day!  Thank you very much for dropping by.