Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sky 100 and Disneyland HK

Hi guys!  I'm alive!  I'm sorry I was gone so long.  It was a very very busy past few weeks for me.  Anyways, let me just blog about my experience in HK (recent trip last June 1-5).  Let's start with SKY 100...

Sky 100 is the observational deck of HK's tallest building, the International Commerce Center (ICC).  Situated in West Kowloon, the ICC was opened to the public last 2010 and is the 6th tallest building in the world.  The views from the observation deck was breathtaking.  HongKong looked better from this view.

That day, we also went to the happiest place on earth...Disneyland!  I was fortunate enough to be with fun, funny new-found friends during this visit.  Even if our stay was just for less than 6 hours and I was able to ride in 2 rides, see 3 shows and 1 parade, I had lots of fun!
My ticket

My was Mickey Mouse waffle...yummy!
Main street station
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Hello Mickey in flowers!
We didn't wait for the fireworks (we left early to try to get some more shopping done before we left for Manila the next day).  That was good decision since the management cancelled the fireworks display a few minutes before the schedule due to inclement weather (it started to rain when we were leaving the park).

I've always liked going to HongKong since it's very near (only 1 hour 30 minute plane ride), it has Disneyland and the shopping is really good (good deals and good brands).

Until next time.  Thank you very much for dropping by!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Agnes B and Black Burger

Hi guys!  Let me share with you 2 dining establishments that I ate in when I was on a recent trip to Hongkong.  I ate at Agnes B Le Pain Grille Cafe in World Trade Center, Causeway bay.  This was my first time to eat in this cafe although I've heard rave reviews from it from other bloggers.  This was what I ordered:

Delices - chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge cake, raspberry feuilletine

Vanille - walnut, vanilla custard, puff pastry

Iced latte
All the mini patisserie looked delicious.  They just don't look delicious, they were also really yummy!  Both the delices and vanille were extremely good.  They were not very sweet and very very tasty.  As for the iced coffee, it was a little bland but a little sugar made it better.

I really liked my dining experience at Agnes B.  Maybe I need to save money for their leather goods.  Hihihi...

Now let's go to the other establishment...the beloved McDo.  I specifically wanted to eat at Mc Donald's just to try their Black Burger.  And here it is...

I liked this one too!  There were 2 beef patties, lettuce, a small amount of mashed potatoes and dressing that tasted like mayonnase with ketchup.  All in all, the taste was really good.  It was yummy!
If ever you are in Hongkong, I highly recommend the Black Burger from Mc Donald's and patisserie from Agnes B.
That's it for today.  Thank you so much for dropping by!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Madeleine Wickham

Hi everyone!  I've been gone so long...busy, busy.  Anyways, let me just share to you 2 books that I have read recently.  These are...

I know these books have been published a few years back, but it was only a month ago that I stumbled upon these books.  These are actually my sister's books.  She is an avid and voracious reader.  So, I snuck in her room and got these 2.  I'm sure she's read them, but I couldn't ask because I'll be discovered (she'll discover that I "nenocked" aka stole/borrowed these books).

Let's start with the first book, A Desirable Residence.  There are many subplots in the story but the main one is about a family who were supposed to sell their house but got into another arrangement.  There are other characters that come into the picture and all of them are inter-connected to each other.  It would be hard to believe the consequences and the inter-"connectedness" of one another in this story.  But maybe this really happens in a small place where people know each other.  Anyways, it's a good read but not really a great one.  It gets boring from time to time and the ending leaves much to be desired.

As for the second book, Sleeping Arrangements, the story line is plausible but hard to believe.  As in Philippine movies, there's too much coincidence.  But unlike Philippine movies, the ending is what it should be.  This book is a good read and kept me intrested the whole time I was reading it.

All in all, these 2 books are easy reads.  I recommend these books especially for those who have time on their hands and would like to read something light and funny (books to read when you are: waiting for your turn at the doctor's office, waiting in the airport, or any other forms of waiting).

That's it for now.  I'll be posting/blogging about a recent trip to Hong Kong in the next few days (hopefully, if I have time).  Thanks for dropping by!