Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Janina for Jul B Dizon Update

Remember my excitement regarding my purchase from Janina by Jul B Dizon (read it here)?  Well, after only 2 months, my excitement has turned to disappointment.  The earrings I bought had poor quality, as evidenced by the picture below...

Back side of the main earrings
The right earring still has a small hook at the base (this is the thing that you can hook the next part of the earrings to make it dangle).  The left one has no more small hook at the base.  This is soooo sad because I cannot hook the next part of the earrings to make a dangling earring. friend told me that she had a not-so-good experience with Jul B Dizon jewelry.  She said that compared to the other silver jewelries she bought, the one from Jul B Dizon easily tarnishes (even for their gold-plated jewelries).  Maybe that's the reason why gold-plating or silver-plating from the store is free.

I really like this pair of earrings...the stones are nice and the design is great.  However, the setting is really of poor quality.  I plan to bring these earrings to Velayo Inc. so they can gold-plate it and maybe put in a small hook so I can still use the other parts of the earrings.  I'll update you once I consult the Velayo Inc. staff.

I will probably not buy from Janina for Jul B Dizon.  Or if ever I buy from them, I will probably ask Velayo Inc. to fortify and strengthen the jewelry setting.  Haaaay....this is a big disappointment for me.

Thanks for dropping by!  I'll talk to you soon.

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