Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Agnes B and Black Burger

Hi guys!  Let me share with you 2 dining establishments that I ate in when I was on a recent trip to Hongkong.  I ate at Agnes B Le Pain Grille Cafe in World Trade Center, Causeway bay.  This was my first time to eat in this cafe although I've heard rave reviews from it from other bloggers.  This was what I ordered:

Delices - chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge cake, raspberry feuilletine

Vanille - walnut, vanilla custard, puff pastry

Iced latte
All the mini patisserie looked delicious.  They just don't look delicious, they were also really yummy!  Both the delices and vanille were extremely good.  They were not very sweet and very very tasty.  As for the iced coffee, it was a little bland but a little sugar made it better.

I really liked my dining experience at Agnes B.  Maybe I need to save money for their leather goods.  Hihihi...

Now let's go to the other establishment...the beloved McDo.  I specifically wanted to eat at Mc Donald's just to try their Black Burger.  And here it is...

I liked this one too!  There were 2 beef patties, lettuce, a small amount of mashed potatoes and dressing that tasted like mayonnase with ketchup.  All in all, the taste was really good.  It was yummy!
If ever you are in Hongkong, I highly recommend the Black Burger from Mc Donald's and patisserie from Agnes B.
That's it for today.  Thank you so much for dropping by!

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