Monday, April 8, 2013

Sun Coral Cafe

Hi everyone!  Another restaurant review for today.  Let me tell you about the Sun Coral Cafe.  This cafe is one of the restaurants situated in the Pico De Loro Beach Club.  Since it was a Lenten friday when we ate there, we ordered a medley of seafood dishes.

Shrimp pasta in white sauce

Fish fingers

Crab cakes

Salad with fried fish
The dishes were very well plated.  The best dish was the crab cakes.  The other dishes were good and the prices for these were not expensive at all.  The only problem is the service.  There was only 1 waiter roaming around the outdoor area of the restaurant.  And since it was a Friday, there were a good number of people dining in the restaurant.  I had to walk up to the waiter for orders.  Anyway, aside from the hassle, everything was okay.

All in all, I had a good time at Sun Coral Cafe.  That's it for today.  Talk to you soon!  Thanks for droppping by!

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