Thursday, April 4, 2013

Human Heart Nature 4

I really can't get enough of Human Heart Nature products.  So, here's another review of their products.  You can read my other reviews here, here and here.  Human Heart Nature is close to my heart because I'm a "closet environmentalist".  I don't go out and shout to the world my love for trees...I don't even join reallies and parades for the environment.  I must confess, I haven't even planted a tree or joined any tree-planting activity for that matter.  But being a "closet environmentalist", I try to protect the environment in the best way I could.  I recycle paper, I donate used/old clothes, and I try to use products that are environment-friendly.  That's why I have a deep affinity with Human Heart Nature.  Their products are environment-friendly (mostly 100% natural) and made by people from Gawad Kalinga.  Hence, their products are pro-environment, pro-poor and pro-Philippines.  Also, their products are affordable.  What's not to like?

Let me start off with 100% natural moisturizing day fluid.  This product has a pleasant smell and you really need just a little (the amount of 1 pump) to moisturize your whole face.  It gives your skin a smooth and soft feel.  Forget about shine and a sticky feel to your skin, this product doesn't have those icky characteristics that other moisturizers have.

This lip balm is the bomb!  Not only is it made from natural ingredients, it smells good too.  By the way, it also is a good balm to keep your lips soft and kissable.

Lastly, the body cream.  I like the scent of Berry Bliss Body Butter Cream.  Like the body butters from Body Shop, this cream makes your skin ultra-moisturized.  I love this product because it keeps my skin soft, it has a great smell and it won't break the bank.

I suggest you drop on over to any Sesou shop to get your Human Heart Nature products.  Or better yet, head on over to their website at to check out their stuff and their story.
Thanks for reading!  Talk/write to you soon!

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