Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grand Hyatt

Hi guys!  I attended a conference in Jakarta a few days ago and I was booked at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.  And my, oh was really grand...

And my room was oh so nice!  I wish I had a room as grand as this in my own house...
The nice and comfy bed

The office and mini bar area

The walk-in closet

The bathroom

And look at this sink...

It was soooo nice....ooooh...

And that little white thing on the right upper most part of the phone is my life saver.
I took the wrong charger for my iphone when I was packing for this trip.  Good thing the room was equipped with this port.  My lifeline to the world can now be charged.  Yey!

Swimming Pool
I had a view of the huge swimming pool from my room.  I wasn't able to use it though.  :-(

And now, for this box over here...
It's the mini cool!
The top part had the refrigerator.
First drawer had some glasses and nuts.

Second drawer had some more food.

And here's the view from my room...Grand Hyatt Hotel is right in the middle of Jakarta's business district.  The hotel is actually connected to the Plaza Indonesia Mall and very near (2-minute walking) to 2 other malls. 

That was my Jakarta trip.  It was short but very informative (I attended 1.5 days of lectures) and I had fun shopping around the area (although, the shopping was short-lived due to time constraints).

That's it for now.  Have a great day!  Thank you very much for dropping by.

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