Friday, January 4, 2013

The Spa

Welcome to my little space in the worldwide web!  Today's blog post will be about The Spa.  I was fortunate enough to be gifted with certificates for The Spa.  For this Spa experience, I chose to have the traditional hilot massage.  I had a cough during that time, so I thought it would be a great idea to have a hilot do my massage so she can remove my cough (channeling old non-western medicine to cure me).  I did not make an appointment but they accommodated me anyways.  My schedule was for 8 pm and it was just 6 pm.  I didn't want to spend 2 hours in the wet floors and the lounge, so I decided to go malling first and eat dinner before I have my massage.  At 7:15 pm, I went back and was ready for sauna, warm pool and reading magazines in the lounge...not to mention drinking lots of the soothing and delicious ginger brew.

The Spa has a very nice ambience.  The smells, sounds and sights are definitely soothing and relaxing.  The problem that night were the very noisy ladies that were using the warm pool.  I tried using the sauna but their noise can even be heard through the closed door of the sauna.  Alas, I stayed at the lounge for the rest of my wait for the massage (which was not that long anyways).  I couldn't take pictures of everything since I was shy about going around with my phone (besides, I'm sure The Spa staff wouldn't be too happy about disturbing the privacy).  Here are the pictures that I took...

My towel...
Inside the dressing room
Sitting area...for meditating
This is what's in front of the sitting area.
The ambience
The receiving area
Now let's talk about the traditional hilot massage.  It was soothing and relaxing (sorry for the repeat phrase...I can't think of any other words to describe the massage).  The massage was soft and the strokes were long.  The masseuse used warm oil for massaging.  There was also a big sheet of plastic with either warm oil or warm wax that was placed over the back.  It was hot at first but quickly became cold (probably because of the cold breeze from the air conditioning).  All in all, the massage was nice but not awesome.  I prefer the Shiatsu/Swedish massage that they offer.  But since this massage is free, I couldn't complain.  Anything that's free is all good to me.  :-)

Thanks for dropping by!  Until next time on Real Products...Real Experiences.

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