Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Marco Polo Parkside

Hi everyone! Sorry for my long absence. I have been caught up in the Christmas rush/season. I'll be back to regular programming next year (which is a few minutes from now...Happy New Year in advance!). For this post, I will be reviewing the Marco Polo Parkside Beijing. I stayed there for 3 nights from December 27-30. I'm presently at Dong Fang Hotel in Guangzhou and using my mobile to blog, so please pardon the lay out of this post. More of Dong Fang Hotel in another post.

Anyways, the hotel is very nice. The room is spacious and the interiors are modern. The buffet breakfast had a nice spread with a wide variety of food choices. The buffet dinner was also commendable. The staff are accommodating and friendly. All in all, I had a great stay at the Marco Polo Parkside. If you are looking for a good hotel to stay at in Beijing, I highly recommend this hotel.

Talk to you guys next time. Thanks for dropping by! Have a great year ahead. Wishing you a prosperous and bountiful new year!

P.S. Again, apologies for posting this a few days late.  The internet connection in Guangzhou couldn't handle my blog post.  Anyways, back to regular programming in the next few days.  Brace yourself fot multiple posts regarding my trip to Beijing and Guangzhou.

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