Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kanin Club

What's for dinner tonight?
Fried tilapia
Pork Barbecue (look at all those oil...yummmm....)
We ate at Kanin Club Restaurant tonight.  Everything was very good.  I like the taste of the Pinakbet and the fried fish was also good.  I was surprised to see that the pork barbecue was not in sticks, but the taste of this dish was heavenly.  It was the right kind of salty and a little bit sweet.  All in all, Kanin Club did not fail me.  As always the case for this restaurant.  And the price, bang for your buck!  All these food plus iced tea and 1 serving of halo-halo for only Php 1092.70!  It satisfied the tummies of all four of us.  Good job, Kanin Club!  I'll be back soon.  :-)

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