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Guess what came in the mail today (well, actually, it came last Thursday)?  My order!  Yipee!  This is my second time to order at (read about my first experience here).  I had a pleasant experience in the first one, so I thought I might as well try it again.  I ordered last March 1, 2013 and paid for my purchases on the same day (thru credit card).  I got my stuff March 7, 2013.  It was a hassle-free transaction.  I know we have lots of Mango shops here in the Philippines, but I really like the thrill of getting stuff via mail.  So, here it is, my loot...

The box
All the contents
I got 12 items from their online store.  My total was a little more than Php 6000 (minimum of Php 6000 to get free shipping).  I mostly got shirts and dresses, and all items were from the sale list.  All of them fit me quite well.  The only problem was the 2 belts that I got that didn't fit me.  I have a 28-inch waistline, and apparently, a medium is too big for me.  The belts were too large for me and I can't make a new hole because of their materials and designs.  I can actually return or exchange the items that I don't like (they gave me instructions to send items to their office in Bicutan), however, I don't want the hassle.  I'll just give away the belts as gifts.

The 2 dresses I got were size small.  They fit me like a glove.  I now know my true size in Mango (in my first shopping experience, I got medium was a little too big, but I can work with it...I just need a belt...but 1 dress I had to give to my sister...she fits better in it).  The cream shirt dress was of good quality.  For Php 695, I think it's a good deal.  It says in the list Mango gave me that 98% of the dress is made of cotton while 2% is elastane.  The style is actually not fashion-forward, but I see myself wearing this piece multiple times for work and for casual days.

This brown wool dress is soft and the material is thin.  It is actually see-through, so I plan to wear it with a slip underneath.  This dress is composed of 50% wool and 50% acrylic.  Again, another fashion-safe dress...I think this will also be a staple in my wardrobe.

Next up, the shirts.  I think one can never have enough shirts.  Hi hi hi...The material of the shirts are flimsy.  It's very sheer.  According to the list, the shirts are made of 100% cotton.  For Php 295, I'll take it.

The sleeveless shirt is made of 100% linen (photo below).  Again, the material is sheer and the it is a tad big for me (even if the size is small).  But I can work with this.  I'll just wear a camisole underneath or maybe do a little bit of layering once the weather permits.  As for the long-sleeved shirt, it is made of 100% cotton and the color is a soft lilac (photo below).  I love the softness and the style of this shirt.  It will again be another staple in my closet.  However, the down-side with the lilac shirt is that there is no buttonhole in one of the straps that holds it up when you fold it.  I have a sewing machine with button-holer function...maybe it's a sign that I should learn how to use it.  I'll probably blog about that experience.  Stay tuned.  :-)

Linen sleeveless shirt
Long-sleeved shirt
Last of the shirts is this red and gray t-shirt.  The sleeves are folded and comes at 3/4 my arm.  It is made of 100% viscose.  The material is thin, hence it doesn't make you hot/warm when you wear it.  This is perfect even for our tropical weather.

The last of the clothing I bought was this navy blue pencil skirt.  The composition is 97% cotton and 3% elastane and it comes with a thin black belt.  It comes up above the knee.  I see myself wearing this during casual Fridays at work...and during Saturdays too (I work on Saturdays <insert sad face>).  The material of both the skirt and the belt are of good quality.  And for Php 695, I think it's a steal.

Finally, the accessories.  I bought 2 pieces of foulard.  I know we don't get to use it often here in the Philippines, but I think it's a good thing to have around.  These scarves are actually sheer and of thin material.  The list says that both foulards are 100% modal.  A quick Google search reveals that modal is a type of rayon.  These scarves are smooth and soft.  I'll probably use these when I travel, to combat the cold air conditioning inside airports and airplanes or when I watch a movie (you know how cold the movie house gets).

And the least favorite of my haul (just because I can't wear them)...the belts.  I love these belts, but alas, I can't wear them.  They are too big for me.  Well, my loss will be somebody else's gain as I plan to give these as gifts to those who will be able to wear it.

All in all, I was pleased with my haul.  I can't wait to wear/use all of these.  I actually used the cream dress already and so far, so good.  It didn't cause any problems for me.

Well, that's it for now.  I hope to show you how these clothes fit me.  Maybe in another blog post.

Thanks for dropping by!  I hope to talk to you soon.

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