Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pico Sands Hotel

Welcome back everyone!  This is the second installment of my Pico de Loro stay.  This blog post will be all about the Pico Sands Hotel.  The Pico Sands Hotel is the hotel inside the Pico de Loro compound.  Opened in 2010, the hotel was of modern design and used muted colors.  The hotel was clean and felt new (well, it's relatively new).

The rooms were well-appointed and spacious.  Since I stayed here for free (thumbs up for freebies!!!), I wasn't aware of the cost per night.  A quick search in the web revealed that the going rate for hotel rooms at Pico Sands is 6000+/night.  Not bad for the facilities it offers and the buffet breakfast that comes with it.

Our room had 2 queen-sized beds.
The cabinets
The TV area
The mini bar
The toilet
The only problem with the room that I stayed in, was that the air-conditioning unit did not reach the temperature we set.  Our room had a split-type air con unit and it reached up to 23 degrees Celsius only.  The outside temperature was around 30 degrees and the blanket was in a form of a thick duvet.  We needed to bring down the temperature to make the room cooler and to make sleeping on the bed a comfortable one.  However, the air con unit had a different mind set.  Aside from not going to the temperature we set, it also created a very loud mechanical noise.  It was very hard to sleep in a warm and noisy room.  :-(  I think the air con unit in our room was really malfunctioning.  I asked the others in our group and they said their air con was fine.  But aside from this minor mishap, my stay at Pico Sands Hotel was good.

All rooms had verandas with sitting area.  I wasn't able to take pictures, though.

The hallway
The hallway opens down below.
View from our room
The staff was courteous and accommodating.  The food was good (I had the chance to eat at their restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner).  Nothing fancy, though, just regular Filipino dishes.  The price point was very affordable.

All in all, I had a wonderful stay at Pico Sands Hotel (minus the malfunctioning air con unit, though).  I highly recommend staying at the hotel for a weekend of fun and relaxation, away from the city.

That's all for today.  Tune in next time for another dose of Real Products...Real Experiences!  Thanks for dropping by!

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