Monday, March 4, 2013

Tea Review

Hi everyone!  It's another drinks review.  But for this blog post, we will talk about 3 cold tea drinks.  I have an affinity with tea.  I was previously a coffee drinker, however, due to my persistent gastric hyperacidity, I cannot take coffee regularly anymore <sigh>.  Well, I think it's a blessing in disguise for me.  Since I can't drink coffee, I was introduced to the whole new world of teas.  And so, my relationship with tea-drinking began.  I drink both cold and hot teas.  Cold teas during the day (when it's hot and humid) and hot teas at night (after dinner because it aids in my digestion).  For more than 2 years now, I have been trying different tea drinks, all of which I have liked so far.  Here are the 3 tea drinks up for review today...

1. Serenitea Green Apple Green Tea

The green apple flavor is a good combination to the green tea base. However, I'm really not a fan of the green tea taste in this drink.  Limit the sweetness to 25% and use black pearls (sago) for sinkers.  Although this drink is okay, I will not re-order this.

2. Chatime Grapefruit Tea Drink
I like this drink but I don't <3 it.  It's okay but I won't re-order it, though.  The grapefruit taste is both sour and a little bit bitter (just like the real grapefruit).  I didn't really taste the tea in it.  The grapefruit flavor overwhelmed the tea flavor in this drink.  I will not re-order this drink.

3. Serenitea Green Apple White Tea

This is the jackpot! Based on the first picture, you may have guessed that this is my favorite drink in this list (gauging from the 2/3 full container...I consumed 1/3 of it in the 20 steps it took from the store to the car...that's how good this drink is!). I tried the green apple flavor again, now with white tea base.  The combination is really really good.  Pair this drink with aloe vera sinkers and the drink becomes heavenly.  It is both satisfying and refreshing.  Again, limit the sweetness to 25% so that the drink doesn't become sugar on ice.

To all of you tea-drinkers out there and to those who would like to venture into drinking tea, I would recommend for you to try the Serenitea Green Apple in white tea drink with aloe vera sinkers. It's really good!

Thank you very much for dropping by!

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