Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dinner and movie night

Hi guys!  We had a dinner and movie night last Sunday.  I have been craving for Shakey's thin crust pizza for some time now.  But everytime I have the craving, there's a long line waiting outside the restaurant.  This time, there was a short line, so we gave in to the craving.

I ordered the personal size of the pepperoni thin crust pizza.  It was just right for 2 people.  The pizza was yuuuummmy!  I really like Shakey's thin crust pizzas.  They have the best thin crust pizzas ever!

Pepperoni Thin-crust pizza
The others ordered chicken with moos.  The chicken skin was crispy but the meat inside was a little dry.  But my companions seemed to enjoy the chicken, though.  The mojos are soft and salty.  Just right.

Chicken and mojos
All in all, my Shakey's experience last Sunday was good.  The food satisfied my craving and the service was fast and efficient despite the large number of people eating in the restaurant.

As for the movie, well that went okay, I guess.  I've watched better films though.  We watched Rise of the Guardians and it was a so-so film.  I still like Wreck It Ralph better than this film.  But, that's just me.  The characters from Wreck It Ralph are more relatable than the characters from the Guardians.  If they were real actors, Wreck It Ralph actors had better acting skills than the Guardians, which is probably because the writing/script is better in Wreck It Ralph than the Guardians.  So, why am I comparing these 2 films?  Well, it's just because these are the 2 most recent animated films I've watched.
Image taken from the web
Anyways, that was my Sunday dinner and movie night.  Not bad, actually.  In the end, I had a good time.  See you next time!  Thanks for reading.

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