Thursday, December 20, 2012

J. Co

Hi everyone!  Welcome to another food review.  A few weeks ago, I passed by a J. Co store with less than 10 people (6 people in front of me, to be exact) on the line.  This was my time to get hold of the elusive J. Co donuts.  I say elusive because I have been passing this store but not venturing to buy just because the line was always long.  But I passed by the store on a Monday evening, and luck was smiling at me...the line that night was short.

I have been hearing from friends that the donuts from J. Co are really good.  Some say it's better than Krispy Kreme, although, die-hard Krispy Kreme addicts disagree.  I'm really not a donut girl.  I don't like the extreme sweetness of donuts.  I actually don't like Krispy Kreme (don't hate me for this) because their donuts are really sweet.  So, anyways, back to J. Co...I don't know what to order and I don't want to make small talk with the server (there were 10 people in line behind me).  So, I ordered what I thought were appetizing donuts (and the donuts that are the last few in the batch...fewer donuts in the plate means they are so good that many people order/get them...that was my line of thought).

Picture of the box
Here is my selection (pardon the bites on half of the donuts...I was really excited to taste them that I forgot to take pictures before biting into them):

Alcapone donuts: White with nuts
Tiramisu donuts: donuts with filling (they are the ones without the hole in the middle)
Oreology: dark brown with thin white stripes

Let me just tell you, all the donuts that I picked were really very yummy and very very soft.  Hands down, these are the best donuts I have tried in my entire life.  I got so addicted to them that I tried to visit their shop multiple times after my first visit, but alas, the line was always long.  So, one day, I was lucky enough to have someone line up for me (I won a bet and lining up at J. Co was the task of the loser...hehehe).

Let's review the donuts that I got one by one.  First off is the Tiramisu donut.  It's good, yummy and soft.  The not-so-good thing about this donut is that the filling is a tad too sweet.  But I can live with that since all the rest of the Tiramisu donut is really really good.

Tiramisu donut
The next donut up for review is the Oreology.  Again, this donut is very yummy and oh so soft.  The sweetness is just right.  Yum, yum, yummy!


Last is the Alcapone.  Again, another yummy and soft donut.  Haaaay....heaven...

Alcapone donut
If you don't have diabetes, I suggest you drop by the nearest J. Co store and get yourself one of their very yummy and super soft donuts.  I highly recommend it.

Thanks for dropping by!

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