Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vue Bar

I haven't gone to a bar in a very long time.  So, when a free meal came my way (in the form of all you can eat and drink in a bar...paid by a most generous sponsor), I grabbed it.  This happened a few days back in the Vue Bar.  The Vue Bar is located at the 22nd floor of the Bellevue Manila Hotel, Tower Wing.  It has a 360-degree view of the South (mainly Alabang, Makati, Las Pinas and Muntinlupa areas).  That night, the entertainment consisted of a lone female singer and her accompaniment is a lone guitar player.  She sang mostly songs from the 80's and 90's, although she sang 1 song of Adele.

As for my drink...

In my 33 years of existence, I have not drank pure unadulterated beer.  Why, you say?  Well, it's because I don't like the taste of beer.  The few times I have drank beer was when San Miguel introduced their flavored beers (Apple and Lemon).  These are the only beers I can drink.  Fast forward to a few months ago...I was out with my sister and surprisingly, I discovered another way of drinking beer.  She taught me the Cerveza Negra + Coke mix and the San Miguel draft beer + Sprite (which tastes a lot like Cali Shandy).  These mixes are surprisingly good and masks the bitter taste of beer.  Hence, another drink option for me.  Oh, goody!  I can now drink beer (mixed with something else, of course).  :-)

I saw these nice LED lights.  It looked like a candle inside a candle holder (it even flickers, mimicking the flickering light of a candle).  But, lo and behold, it was an LED light.  Galing!

I just had 1 bottle of beer with 1 can of soda.  I turned in early (coz it was a weekday and I had work the next day) and left before midnight.  I did not care much for the entertainment.  The girl had a "birit-like" quality of singing.  She wasn't bad, just so-so.

I wouldn't actually recommend the Vue Bar as a must-see place.  But if you are in the South and someone will treat you, then you can try the Vue Bar (that's the thrifty me talking).

Talk to you guys!  Thanks for dropping by!

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