Saturday, December 22, 2012

Zalora Blouses

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Christmas is very very near...just 3 more days.  The thing I love about Christmas is the feeling of joy and being with family and friends.  I remember when I was young, my parents used to bring us to Makati (to Fairmart/SM...mapaghahalataan ang edad ko sa pagbanggit ko ng Fairmart...if you can relate...well,well,well...hello generation X) to buy new clothes.  One new dress for Christmas and another one for New Year.  Back then, everyone dressed to the nines when attending Christmas mass and New Year mass, hence the need to purchase new clothes.  And you get to wear your new clothes when accompanying the parents to their multitude of Christmas parties (well, maybe just 3-4 parties, exag naman ang multitude).  Sulit ang mga bagong damit!  Ha ha ha... I have stopped buying a set of new clothes for Christmas and New Year ever since I moved out of my parents' house.  But this year, I bought 2 new blouses, in anticipation of the parties and get-togethers that I will be attending.  These are the 2 blouses I bought at Zalora:

The black and white printed one is size small while the white one is a size medium.  There was no available small size for the white blouse, hence I got the bigger size.  I'm not so in-love with them but they are okay.  I think they are overpriced at Php 995 each.

If you're like me (32-28-34 -- secret lang natin, ha...), go for the small size.  The medium is around 1/2 to 1 inch bigger than the small.  I tried the printed blouse already and wore a white camisole inside.  It looks much better than wearing black inside the blouse.  The big problem with this blouse is that the zipper is exposed at the back.  It doesn't look bad but it snags my hair.  I may have lost close to 10 pieces of hair because of the constant pull/snag of the zipper to my hair.  Note to self (and to readers as well), when wearing blouses with exposed zippers, tie long hair or put it up in a bun.  Lesson learned.  I'm sure the 10 pieces of hair that I lost that day would grow back (keeping my fingers crossed).

I have yet to wear the white blouse.  All in all, I like the blouses and I think it's versatile.  The downside, in my opinion, is that they are overpriced.

Thanks for reading!  Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Have a great one guys!  :-)

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