Sunday, December 16, 2012

Drinks Review

Hi friends!  Today's review is all about drinks.  I tried 2 drinks the past few days and I would like to share with you my thoughts on these 2.  First off, the Christams Tea Frost from Serenites.  This Christmas season, Serenitea has launched 4 new drinks they call Chocolateas.  These drinks have different chocolate products in them.  The 4 drinks are: MILO Dino, Mocha Macchiato Frost with BABY RUTH, Cocoa Frost with BUTTERFINGER and the Christmas Tea Frost with KITKAT.  I tried the last one, the Christmas Tea Frost.  It has a minty taste and it's very thick.  You can taste the small morsels of KitKat in the drink.  I didn't really like it (I wasn't able to finish the whole drink...I drank maybe 1/3 of it).  It was very creamy and very sweet.  Not my cup of tea.
Poster from Serenitea
Christmas Tea Frost (top view)
Christmas Tea Frost (side view)
The second drink is from the Big Chill.  There's a Big Chill branch located within the premises of my place of work, so it's easy for me to buy from them.  I usually buy their Power Breakfast since I don't get to eat breakfast at home (I usually don't have time to eat at home).  However, for the past few months, they ran out of wheat germ (which was part of the Power Breakfast drink) so I wasn't able to buy the Power Breakfast.  I then found another drink that could replace my beloved Power's the Supercharger.  The drink is made of blended mango, strawberry, grape, low-fat yogurt, non-fat milk and spirulina.  Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  This is responsible for the drink's greenish color.  The drink doesn't really look appetizing (because of the color) but it's really delicious and nutritious too.  If you have Big Chill in your area, be sure to try this drink and the Power Breakfast too.  I'll post a separate review for the Power Breakfast and their other drinks in the future.

Bottom line...I still like Serenitea, but I will stick with their milk teas.  As for Big Chill, I would definitely be coming back for more and trying their other drinks.  The best part about Big Chill is that they use fresh fruits and vegetables.  Just ask the server to prepare your drink with just a little bit of their sugar syrup (or none at all) to make the drink ultra-healthy.

That's it for today.  Talk to you next time.  Thank you very much for dropping by!

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