Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hi everyone!  Here's another fashion-related post.  I was surprised to see that Mango is offering online shopping for Philippine consumers.  I know that we have lots of Mango shops here in our country, but I really don't have time to shop in malls.  Besides, when it's sale at Mango, there's usually lots of people in the stores and the sale items usually don't have my size.  I know it's risky buying online since you can't really fit the items.  But I tried it anyways and here's my take on the Mango online shopping.

The package came in a nice black box.  The shipping was quick.  It took only around 10 days from the day I ordered to the day I received the box.  Shipping is free for purchases more than or equal to Php 6000.


I really don't want to spend too much for clothes.  Majority of the time (or actually 100% of the time) I buy sale items.  I don't pay full price for clothes.  So, when I was shopping at, I only browsed through their sale items and only the ones that are less than 1000 Php.  I'm also a safe dresser.  I gravitate towards classic lines and non-trendy fashion.  The package came in a stylish black box.  Inside, all the items were enveloped in plastic bags.  The dresses came with nice black hangers.  Cool!  Here is what I bought...

Dress for 995 Php

This red dress is actually big for me.  The size is medium (US small).  The upper part is loose but the lower part is just right for my big hips (I consider myself pear shaped...small on top, big on the bottom).  I'm 5'2'', the length is long for my frame.  I tried to wear it with a skinny belt and it actually works!  Even if this dress is big for me, I will still be able to wear it.  But next time, I will order the small size.

Same size and style as the dress above, but for some reason, this dress is smaller and fits me better.  Also 995 Php

Same dress style, different color.  This is also size medium (US small), but it really is smaller and shorter than the one above.  I can wear this dress with or without the belt.  Again, this one is a keeper.  Love it.

Another dress for 995 Php
Comparing the first 3 dresses, this one is actually the largest one for me.  The size is medium (US small), but it is really loose.  But with a skinny belt, I can still make this work. 

Dress Php 695
Among the dresses, this one is the smallest and fits me just right.  Again, the size is medium (US small) but it actually fits me.  Although the size is right for me, the style is not that nice compared to the first 3 dresses.  But still, I would keep this for casual dress days.

T-shirt Php 495
This shirt is also a keeper.  The material is thin (for the very conservative, you might want to put a camisole beneath this shirt).  I can see this shirt being a staple for casual shirt days.

Blouse (material is thick) Php 545
This item is actually considered a t-shirt in the Mango online shop.  However, I consider this one as a blouse.  The material is thick and looks more like a blouse to me.  The fit is a little loose (size small, US XS) but it looks great.  Again, a keeper!

T-shirt (thin material, you would need to wear a camisole inside the shirt) Php 695
This shirt is really loose so I got the small size (US XS).  The material is thin, you really need to wear something beneath this shirt.

Blouse (thin material need for camisole since the color is dark) Php 395
I really like this one.  It was put under t-shirt items, but I consider this one as having a blousy look.  It can be made into a casual top or a blouse for work.  Either way, I really like the way it fits.  I got the small size (US XS).

T-shirt Php 345
Lastly, I got this sweatshirt.  The material is just right, not too thin and not too thick.  The fit is also great.  I got the medium size (US small).  I can wear this on days were the weather is a little cold or maybe in the upcoming rainy days (I know, I know, it's still a few months from now, but it's sale so I got it...girl scout...laging handa).

All in all I am happy with my purchases.  There is an option to return/exchange items.  Items will be sent to Mango address in Bicutan (or Sucat), I forget.  They gave me a sticker which you can stick to the package.  I won't be using the sticker, though.  I am pleased with my purchases (even if some of the items are big for me...I can devise ways to make it work).

Here are some of my suggestions when it comes to shopping at

1. Try several items and style in a Mango store so you can gauge your size for different styles.  It will help you choose your size online.
2. There are items that they only sell exclusively online.  Check their site and watch out for these items.
3. Ask friends if they want to buy something online from  Consolidated your purchases since delivery is free for a minimum purchase of Php 6000.
4. There are items that are available online first before they bring it out to the stores.  If you want to score something ahead of the others, then shoppping at is the answer.

I hope you find this post useful.  I'm currently saving money for another online shopping spree at  I'll tell you about it once I have saved up money.

Thank you for reading!  Have a great day.

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