Tuesday, February 19, 2013

C' Italian Dining

Hi guys!  It's another food review for today.  I recently tried a restaurant in Clark, Pampanga called C' Italian Dining.  I was with my sister and she said it is one of the must-try restaurants in Pampanga.  She has been frequenting this establishment with her friends for the past few years.  Every time they are in the area, they make it a point to eat at C'.  Web search revealed that there are many others like my sister who flock to this restaurant for its good food.  Now, what do I think about it?  Let me share with you my experience.

This is what I saw on the walls of the corridors of C'.  Plates with messages from people who have tried their dishes, some of the signatories are famous people.  The decor is I think, more old Filipino/Spanish rather than Italian.

The plates with messages
A view of the outside dining area
Entrance hallway
Another section for dining

The dining area

The staff are very courteous and are knowledgeable about their dishes.  Upon sitting down and while perusing the menu, they give you warm crusty bed and olive oil, parmesan cheese, basil dip.  The bread is really good.  It's crusty on the outside but very soft inside.  The dip was the right amount of salty (from the parmesan cheese) and herby (I really can't describe the taste of the basil...for me it tasted like, well, basil.  Hehehe).

C' Italian also serves panizza.  The crust on this panizza is crisp and the toppings are yummy.  I forgot what the name of this panizza, but it had tomato, oregano and cheese topping.  Margherita maybe?

I had this for main entree...the pepper encrusted fish in risotto.  This was creamy, yummy and really really good!

And for dessert, we had the lemon cheesecake.  This cake is not that sweet, very creamy and again, really really good!
All in all, my experience at C' Italian Dining was excellent.  I had good food, great service and the ambience is welcoming and not-at-all stuffy.  As for the prices of the food, it's a little bit steep, but the price is commensurate to the quality and quantity of the dishes.  A single plate will actually feed 2-3 persons.  I suggest going to C' Italiann Dining with a bunch of friends and order different dishes and share amongst yourselves.
I <3 C' Italian Dining.  I'll definitely drop by when I visit Clark, Pampanga.
Thanks for reading!  Talk to you soon.

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