Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Halong Bay Cruise

Hi everyone!  Let me share with you my Halong Bay Cruise experience.  I was very excited to see Halong Bay since it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We took a boat and went for a cruise along Halong Bay.  It was a bit foggy that day, hence the blurry pictures.  The weather was nice.  It was a bit cold but not bitingly cold. 

The Halong Bay cruise we did also included visiting the Thien Cung cave.  The cave had stalactites and stalagmites that were illuminated by artificial lights.  The path across the cave was also man-made and cemented.  The cave was nice and the lights were a nice addition, but I kept on wondering if it will have a negative effect on the rocks.  One of my companions on the trip said that exposing the rocks to light or heat and to human touch could actually damage them (he said the rocks will die if touched). 

According to the tour guide, this was the entrance that was used by the discoverer of the cave.

Going back to the boat, we walked through a path that gave glimpses of the beauty of nature.  Since I am using a phone camera, it doesn't give justice to the beauty I saw that day.

The boats anchored at the dock, waiting for the passengers that explored the cave.

I highly recommend going on the Halong Bay cruise.  The food was great, the views were fantastic and the experience was one-of-a-kind.  Go with good company since the cruise is around 2-hours long.

Thanks for dropping by!  Talk to you next time.

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