Monday, February 4, 2013

Silk Path Hotel

Hello everyone!  I had the priviledge to be part of an R and R junket a few days ago.  The itinerary was a 5-day, 4-night trip to Hanoi and Bangkok (3 days at Hanoi and 2 days at Bangkok).  For this post, I would like to share with you my good experience at the Silk Path Hotel in Hanoi.  This was our "home away from home" for the first leg of our trip.

The Silk Path Hotel is a 4-star hotel that is located at Hanoi's Old Quarter, Hang Bong Street, Hoan Kiem District.  The hotel is relatively new.  They just opened last March 2010.  As with all structures in Hanoi, the hotel has a small frontage and no circular driveway.  The lobby is nice and elegant but small (there were only 8 pieces of chairs).  The rooms are well appointed, but of course, keeping with Hanoi's structural style, it is small.  

The front of the hotel

The lobby of the hotel

I sensed that the design of the hotel is contemporary.  There are nice, vibrant-hued artwork hanging from the walls, black-and-white modern upholstery and glass elevators and corridor railings.

The glass and steel elevator
The narrow but nice corridor

The rooms feel more modern to me.  It is uncluttered with clean lines and solid colors.  The beds are twin beds.  The mattress/duvet is hotel-grade soft and smells nice.  The bathroom is nice but the knobs for the control of the hand shower/overhead rain shower/tub faucet are made for geniuses.  If it were not for the small card with instructions located at the bottom of the shampoo/soap rack, I wouldn't have known how to operate the knobs.  One of the persons in our group actually had to call housekeeping services because he thought there was no water in his room.  Hi hi hi...  All in all, the rooms are clean and comfortable.
Mini bar

Twin beds

Surprise!  It's me!

The knobs for the shower and tub are made for geniuses.
Lastly, the view from our room window.  Look at all the narrow houses.  These are the styles of Hanoi houses.  They are narrow but tall.

That's all for now.  Read about my other experiences from my recently concluded trip to Hanoi-Bangkok in the next blog posts.

Talk to you soon.  Thank you very much for dropping by!

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