Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thai Airways

Hi everyone!  What about a review of an airline?  I have been riding airplanes since I was a little girl.  My dad is a commercial airline pilot, you see, hence the priveledge of having yearly free flights.  Yehey!  For the first half of my life I have been riding Asia's first airline, Philippine Airlines.  After 1998 (year of the big strike wherein my dad and his colleagues lost their jobs), I was given the chance to ride other airlines.  So far, I have tried 11 different commercial airlines.  For this post, let me review my experience with Thai Airways.

This was my first time riding Thai Airways.  For my flights (Manila to Bangkok, Bangkok to Hanoi, Hanoi to Bangkok, Bangkok to Manila) we used the Airbus A 300-600.  The aircraft was okay.  The staff were warm and accommodating.  The duty-free in-flight shopping had good choices.  From the Manila to Bangkok leg, the in-flight movie was Pitch Perfect.  I had a great time watching this movie.  I looked weird moving my head and dancing a little (just a little) to the soundtrack of this movie.  It would have been a better experience if only the resolution of the screen was a little better.  Take a look at the picture below.  This was exactly how the screen looked like.  I'm not exaggerating...this was really how bad the resolution was.  But I'm not complaining.  The important thing about this movie was its music.

The most important part in my book is the airplane food.  Look at what I had for lunch (Manila to Bangkok flight)...
The vegetable dish on the rleft was stewed eggplant.  The dessert on the right was their version of sticky rice with mango.
Main dish was fish with rice.
And look!  They let you use steel utensils.  :-)
The food was great!  I rode economy and yet I got excellent food.  The only airline that I rode that did not give great food was Cathay Pacific Airlines.  They give you bread for lunch or dinner.  For an Asian like me, that's sad, very sad.

Anyways, here is my food for the Bangkok to Hanoi leg.  I just had the lunch (pictured above) around 2 hours before having this snack.
The box that housed my snack.

The contents of my snack box.

Thai Airways fed us well.  The contents of my snack box are as follows: (1) light salad with vinaigrette (the vinaigrette had a Thai twist, I can taste fish sauce in the dressing...yummy) and fried breaded chicken; (2) sticky rice; (3) juice; (4) water.  All the contents of my snack box are good!

Going back, the Hanoi to Bangkok flight served the same snack box.  As for my trip going home (Bangkok to Manila), here was what I had for dinner...

Main dish of stewed pork, rice and steamed vegetables

Salad was made up of thin chicken strips, lettuce and a mustard dressing.
Dessert was not sticky rice but some sort of apple crumble.
All in all, I had a great time flying with Thai Airways.  If you want good food and nice service, then I recommend Thai Airways.

That's it for now.  Come back again for another review here on Real Products...Real Experiences.  Thanks for reading!

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