Sunday, May 26, 2013

Andre Piasso

I was on a trip a few days back and during that trip, I wasn't able to buy anything nice for me.  And so, on the plane ride going home, I flipped through the in-flight shopping guide and chanced upon these...
Andre Piasso bracelets

This set contains 2 rhodium-plated bracelets and was priced at $ 25.  I wasn't sure what rhodium was but the picture in the catalog was really nice, hence I bought it.  When I opened the package, I was in love with both the bracelets.  They look and feel really expensive (it definitely felt and looked more than the $ 25 I paid for them).
First bracelet, the gems are not real diamonds.
Second bracelet with charms
I have been wearing the bracelets ever since I got back.  I really really like them.  By the way, a quick search in Wikipedia revealed that...
"Rhodium is a chemical element that is a rare, silvery-white, hard, and chemically inerttransition metal and a member of the platinum groupIt is one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals.
Rhodium is a so-called noble metal, resistant to corrosion, found in platinum- or nickel ores together with the other members of the platinum group metals."

Wow!  Good thing I chanced upon these bracelets.  I <3 these!
If you are flying with Philippine Airlines in one of their international flights, get your hands on the Andre Piasso 2-set bracelets.  I highly recommend it.

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