Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zalora update

Hi everyone!  I'm sorry about the long absence.  I just got back from a trip.  More on that in the next blog posts.  Anyways, here's the update on my last Zalora on-line shopping experience (read about it here) which was not very pleasant.  I returned a few items from my last order (sandals, mustard blouse and the white shorts) and asked Zalora to give me store credits in return.  Returning stuff from Zalora was easy.  You contact them thru e-mail and they will send an e-mail with details on the date of pick-up.  Their courier got the items from my house on the said date.  A few days later (less than 5 days), I got an e-mail that they have gotten and checked the items.  They gave me a code to input in their on-line shopping platform so I can use my credits.  Easy peasy.  So, I chose the following...
These are the items that I got in exchange of my returned purchases.
Printed blouse (dark green and blush)

Bayo dark blue shorts
I was satisfied with the items I picked.  I wasn't able to take a picture of the belt, but it was of fair quality.  The printed blouse had tucks in them, hence creating a shape, sort of cinching in the waist.  It had a weird shape when worn tucked into bottoms though because it's tapered at the waist.  But aside from that, I still like it.  As for the shorts, haaay...the measurements at Zalora is not entirely correct.  I got the medium size for the shorts since the measurement said that it was for waist that is 27".  But boy was it big!  I have a waistline of 28" and this shorts was around 1" bigger.  The style doesn't allow for belt loops, hence I had to pull up the shorts every so often when I wore it.  Another haaaay...I'll try to sew 1 side of the shorts (the other side has a zipper) to make it smaller.  It will not look even but I think it will work.  I hope it does because I really like the material of the shorts and the over-all fit (minus the big waist).  The belt is okay.  Not too striking, just okay.

My final verdict on Zalora?  I don't think I'll ever shop in this site again.  I'll be sticking with because the quality of their clothes are better and more constant.  Also, their website gives you a description of the clothes (materials used and correct measurements).

That's it for now.  Thanks for dropping by!

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