Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Miranda Clothing

Hello again!  Welcome to another review of an on-line store.  I chanced upon Miranda Clothing thru the blog of Patty Laurel (www.pattylaurel.com).  She wore a white skirt with floral design from Miranda Clothing.  You can find the online store of Miranda Clothing at Facebook.  So, anyway, I really liked the design so I went over to Facebook and searched Miranda Clothing.  The selection of clothes from Miranda Clothing were limited and not all agree wtih my style and taste.  But among the clothes I saw, here are the 3 things I liked...
This the black version of the white skirt that I saw Patty Laurel wear.  The white version was already sold out when I checked.  The back part of this skirt has the same design as this front part.

I really wanted a white skirt, so I settled for this one.  The back part has the same print with a small midline slit.

This is an asymmetrical dress.  I couldn't hang it because it didn't have those little things on the side that let you hang clothes with.
Let me rate my purchases.  The material of the black skirt is of good quality and the design is nice.  The price of P800 is not bad considering that I could get a good mileage out of this piece.  As for the white skirt, the material is also good.  I liked that it had the same print as the one in front so it minimizes the appearance of being see-through.  Also, the skirt has lining, which also minimized the appearance of being sheer.  At P800, I think the price is just-right.  Now let's go to the asymmetric green dress.  This dress, I don't like.  I paid P800 for it but the material and quality of the dress is not really good.  It even came with these ghastly spots/marks.  Yikes!  And the fact that you can't hang this dress (it doesn't come with a strip on the side that let's you hang the side without the shoulder strap) makes it even more depressing.  The only way to keep this dress is to either fold it or hang it from the waist.

I don't know what the material of this dress is called but it's stretchy and cheap-looking.  I don't agree with the price of P800 for this dress.  There's no return policy so I can't return this dress. I'll just have to make it work.  Haaay...

I don't think I'll ever shop at Miranda Clothing again.  The quality of their products are just too unpredictable.

Thank you very much for reading!  Drop by again for another review.

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