Saturday, May 11, 2013


What's for dinner tonight (well, a few nights ago)?  It's dinner at Yabu restaurant.  Yabu is the house of Katsu (their tag line).  The restaurant serves meals with breaded stuff.  You can have breaded pork, chicken, and seafoods.  They also have other yummy selections in their menu.

These where the condiments atop our table...
The 3 tall bottles were salad dressings (Wasabi, vinaigrette, and sesame dressing).  The 3 smaller containers were an assortment of condiments which I think were black pepper, red pepper and an oil-like thing that is also spicy.  Lastly, the content of the white jar is the katsu sauce (which tastes a bit like barbecue and terriyaki sauce combined).

Before they serve the katsu set, they give you a bowl with sesame seeds and a pestle.  You grind the sesame seeds with the pestle and put in your katsu sauce.

And this little guy looks like a pig head, it contains salt for seasoning.  So cute!

And here comes the order.  I ordered the Rosu - Porkloin set.  It's 3/4-inch thick juicy cutlet with fat.  You can also order porkloin set without the fat...but I prefer the taste of pork with fat.  I'm indulging for now while I'm not-that-old yet.  Hihihi.  It comes with rice (you can ask for more servings), salad made up of shredded cabbage (unlimited cabbage) and a small bowl of fruits.

The serving size of the pork was just right.  The servings for the rice and cabbage were a little bit small, so I had to ask for a second serving.  And the fruits?  Well, I filled myself with rice and cabbage, so I guess the size of the small fruit bowl was just right for me.

The taste of the food was good.  It wasn't really that great that you would crave for it, but definitely tasty.  I tried all the salad dressings and the one that I liked the most was the sesame dressing.  The wasabi dressing was not that spicy and the vinaigrette had the right sourness to it.  The rice was oh so soft and sticky and the pork was cooked right and the breading was just the way I want it (it was crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside).

All in all, I had a good time at Yabu.  I would definitely come back and try their other offerings.

That's it for now.  Thanks for reading!

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