Friday, May 17, 2013

Zalora 4

I have ordered at thrice already.  I have gotten a few items that were reasonably priced and of good quality.  Although some of the items I've ordered were of average quality but overpriced.  You may read my reviews here, here, and here.  My overall opinion of Zalora is that it has a good number of items that you can choose from but the style and quality of the items are not that good.  Finding something really nice at a reasonable price on Zalora is a little like finding a needle in a haystack.  But I guess that's the joy of online shopping.  Looking for that speical piece amongst many other items.  Hence, here's my fourth foray into Zalora.  These were the peices that I got...

These sandals from Ylla looked really nice in the site but looked really awful in "person".  The band across the feet was too tight as well as the bands across the legs.  Tsk, tsk, made my feet and legs look like longganisa.  At PhP 995, I expected more from these sandals.

Audrina Flat Sandals
The sole doesn't even have will definitely slip and slide when you wear these indoors.
And here are the shorts that I abhor.  Again, it looked nice on the picture (model wearing the shorts) but not nice when I got it.  The material was flimsy (very thin cloth).  At PhP 549, I expected so much more from these shorts.
Picture from

Chictees Joanna Garterized Shorts

The third item that I don't like was the mustard colored blouse.  I wasn't able to take a picture of it because the moment I saw how mustardy the color of the blouse was, I decided to return it.  I can't download the picture from since it comes out too small.

The redeeming items in these order are the following:

COLLECTIVE.COM Structured color-blocked blouse
COLLECTIVE.COM Kyla Sleeveless plain crepe blouse

I wore the color-block blouse already and it was easy-breezy-comfy.  I have yet to wear the violet blouse.  But I tried it on and it looks nice.  The violet blouse is PhP 495, which is a good deal.  The color-block blouse is PhP 695, not really dirt-cheap but decently priced.

All in all, I was disappointed in the quality of items I bought from zalora (well, the first 3 pieces).  I plan to return the sandals, the shorts and the mustard blouse.  I'll blog about it next time.

I don't think I'll buy from Zalora anymore.  The quality of their products are not consistent.  The website does not give you actual measurements of the garments and the materials used.  It's very hard to determine if a certain piece is of good quality or if it's nice based on the photo.  My suggestion to Zalora is to put in actual measurements of the garments and put in the composition of the items (ala

Thank you very much for dropping by!

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