Friday, May 10, 2013

BC Fragrance 2

Hi guys!  Bernardette from BC Fragrance wrote to me regarding their services for customized fragrance.  Here's what she said...

We read your blog about our brand and we would like to apologize for not including our custom-blending services readily available on our website.

It is actually under our FAQ section but we will just modify the site and put it on the main menu for those, like you, who wish to avail of these services.

If you are still interested in having your own custom-blended fragrance, please read the payment information below:

Blending Information

Kindly fill up and send back the attached questionnaire for the initial evaluation of our perfumers in France.

ALL SAMPLES ARE BLENDED IN FRANCE, not in the Philippines. This takes 3-4 weeks (for sampling) and another 2 weeks for your perfume. However, due to existing development projects with major cosmetics companies here in the Philippines, waiting time may take 6-8 weeks. You will be notified once your profile is being worked on. We will send you 3 samples for your approval within 14-21 working days upon notification.

Payment Information

The minimum charge for Custom-blended fragrance is Php4,500. This includes a 60 minute personal consultation (optional), 60mL perfume and 1 FREE refill. All custom-blended perfumes require a 50% advanced payment. The remaining 50% should be paid in full prior to receipt of your Bespoke Perfume. If you are not satisfied with the samples, you do not need to pay for the remaining 50% if you do not wish to proceed with the project.
Should you decide to pursue the project, you can choose which among the samples you wish to have made. Once you have decided on a fragrance,a final pricing for your fragrance, usually ranging from Php4,500-12,500 per fragrance, will be provided. Your initial down payment will be deducted from this and the remaining balance should be paid prior to delivery. If this is okay with you, we can proceed with this project and we can send you a list of viable notes that we think will fit your fragrance preferences.

To continue and pay for the downpayment, please click on this link or copy and paste the following to your browser’s address bar:

I'm excited to try their customized fragrance services.  I currently have 4 perfumes on rotation right now.  Maybe I'll try to order their customized fragrance after I finish my current scents.

Thanks Bernadette for the e-mail!  Thank you for reading!

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