Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dexter Kylie Wedge Pump

Brown shoes are a staple in a girl’s shoe closet.  For the longest time, I have been on a search to find the perfect brown shoes…and I think I found it.  Let’s all welcome Dexter Kylie Wedge Pump in Cognac.

As seen in
I bought these babies a few days ago.  I initially wanted to buy the capped-toe Crocs flats.  However, when I reached their store, they said it’s not yet available.  Payless was a few stores down from the Crocs store, so I popped in to take a look.  And, lo and behold…I found these.

The pictures above are actual pictures of the shoes.  Sorry for the inconsistency in the color.  The exposure from the second picture seems to be off.  It's probably the lighting.  Anyways, the actual color is closer to the picture above and the picture on the left.

I wore this the whole day today.  I walked a lot and climbed up stairs.  These shoes are very comfortable!  I can walk all day and night in these.  They didn’t give me “break-in” wounds (you know, the one’s that some shoes give you during the first few times you wear them).  Aside from being comfortable, because of its wedge design, it will add a few inches (3 inches to be exact) to your height.  A good thing for people like me who are vertically challenged.   At P1200+ per pair, these affordable shoes gives you bang for your buck. 

Come back tomorrow for another Real products...real experiences review.  :-)

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