Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hi there! I bought these shoes a few months back but I haven't had much use for them. It looked good and sturdy when I first tried them on. But I haven't had any more ideas as to which clothes i could pair it with. I guess you could consider this purchase as done on impulse. I haven't bought something on impulse for a long time. When I shop, I usually have something in mind, something that I truly need. But these pair of shoes was something I don't really need. It was something that I had to have, just because I'm in a store that we dont have in my neck of the woods. It's like buying a souvenir.
ZARA Antik Leather Wooden Wedge (pictures taken from

Anyways, the leather is hard. It gave me a wound in my ankle because of the hard leather. It actually is stable to walk in despite the 5-inch height boost it gives you (from the 5-inch wedge heels). Warning though, this shoes are made to for walking on flat surfaces. Watch out for stones on the ground because even a small stone can make you topple over.

If you have extra money and would want to buy statement shoes, then you could try this.

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