Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi readers! I would like to share with you my favorite bubble tea. It's Serenitea! I buy it every time I watch a movie. There have been several times that I drop by their store midday to get myself a dose of milk tea. The best thing about Serenitea is that they freshly brew your tea. Unlike other bubble/milk tea places, they brew your tea after you've made your order. They dont have a pre-mixed batch that they stock up. I think freshly-made tea tastes better than tea that has been sitting inside a container for a few hours.

My favorite flavors are Okinawa (brown sugar flavor) and Hokkaido (butter toffee flavor). I usually have half pearls (sago) and half pudding since I find their full dose of pearls too much for my taste. If you are trying to slim down, make your sugar level 0% or 25% and buy the regular size.

I have tried other bubble tea places (Chatime, Gongcha, Happy Lemon) but I keep coming back to Serenitea.

That's it for today. Stay tuned for the next blog post of Real Products...Real Experiences. Thanks for reading!

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