Friday, October 19, 2012

Human Heart Nature

I love buying online.  I recently came across the online shop of Human Heart Nature.  I have heard of the company before thru magazines.  I like the idea that their products and their very existence is to promote natural products that benefit the poor.  The company's core values are pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment.

Here is the box that I got from the mail.

I had an easy time using their web interface and the process of ordering and paying was a breeze.  I got my order after 1 day.  Their products are not expensive.  I ended up buying small bottles of their shampoos and conditioners.  I also bought small bottles of their lotions.

I plan to give their lotions as Christmas gifts.  So, I wanted to try them out first and check their quality before giving it out to others.  I also want to spread the word of their existence since I also believe in their core values.  Seeing that there are 100% natural products that are available in the Philippine market that is not exorbitantly priced makes me want to shift all the products I’m using right now to more environmentally-friendly items.  And since most of the products from Human Heart Nature is 100% natural, they are biodegradable.

First up for review is the lipstick that I got (oh yes, they even have cosmetics!).

Swatch of the lipstick.  I got the First Kiss Lipstick.
The lipstick is not that pigmented but it is highly moisturizing.  It actually resembles a lip gloss in its staying power (meaning it wears off quickly).  I have lips that constantly chaff and is mostly dry.  This lipstick is a good way for me to bring moisture to my dry and parched lips and bring a little bit of color into them.  Downside is, you have to keep applying the lipstick since it wears off easily.  But looking at the bright side, you need to consume the lipstick in 1 year anyways (there’s a printed actual expiry date on the metal tube of the lipstick case).  It expires easily since they use natural products that will go bad in a year’s time.  So might as well use it before it expires.

Watch out for the reviews of the other products.  I have been using their shampoo and conditioner, as well as their lotion for 2 days already…so far, so good.  I’ll give my full review maybe after 1 week of continuous use.

Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in Lush Vanilla

Healthy Lotion in Vanilla

Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time!

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