Thursday, October 18, 2012

Diamond Hotel

I'm staying here at the Diamond Hotel for tonight for a business activity.  I have stayed in this hotel thrice before and I have not encountered any problems or any bad experiences.  The nice thing about this hotel is that they give you not just 2 small bottles of complimentary water, they also give you 2 free small bottles of flavored tea and a small pack of Oreos (which contains 2 pieces).  If you're on your own, good for you.  You get more freebies.  If there's two of you, then good luck on the Oreos.  Either hating-kapatid (share like siblings) or fight for each piece.  Ha ha ha... :-)  I'll post pics of the place.

 I wasn't able to take a picture of the swimming pool and pool area since it was closed when I got there.  The picture above is what you will see when you go inside the hotel.  The picture at the right is their lobby bar.

The rooms are well appointed with a large Samsung flat-screen television, king-sized bed, seating area, mini-bar, work/dresser desk, and stock of toiletries.  I bring my own toiletries as my contribution to saving the environment.  I figured, the less small things I use, the less trash I create and the less carbon footprint I leave in this world.  In my line of work, I usually travel and stay in hotels.  The least I can do for the environment is bring my own stuff and use it instead of using toothbrushes and hair products from the hotel that I just use once or twice then throw away.

Another plus, is that you get to use free 3 hours of internet using their broadband connection.  No free wi-fi inside the room, though.

So, if you are looking for a place to stay in Manila.  Diamond Hotel is one of the good hotels you may try.

Blurred view from my hotel room window

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