Saturday, October 27, 2012


What do you do if you have a sudden craving for something? I went out and got what I was craving for.

I was watching local TV tonight when I saw the Magnum ice cream ad. The ice cream looked so yummy so I had to get me one. I was in my pyjamas already, but that didn't stop me from changing and going out to buy me some Magnum.
The first stop was a Petron Gas station. Unfortunately, they only sold ice cream from Magnolia. Next stop, Total gas station. As luck would have it, they only sell Selecta ice cream. Okay, last stop, the grocery. When I got there, the only flavor left was Chocolate Truffle. Magnum Chocolate Truffle it is...

I really like the Belgian chocolate outer cover. The chocolate was heavenly and it was "crunchy".  You really need to bite into the cover to get into the ice cream middle.  The ice cream inside was okay. It was smooth and not that sweet, which is a good thing for me.

All in all, Magnum Chocolate Truffle was yummy. This, for me, is the yummiest ice cream on a stick. Craving satisfied...happy tummy. :-)

See you next time for another review on real products...real experiences. Thanks for dropping by!

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