Friday, November 16, 2012

Love for fashion boutique

Hi everyone!  Look what the mailman dropped at the house...

Love For Fashion Boutique color block flats
The outer side is cobalt blue.
The inner side is color green.
I ordered these shoes from Love For Fashion Boutique (thru  It is on a pre-order basis.  The site tells you that you need to wait 4 weeks for production before they send the shoes to you.  I thought to myself, yes, I could wait for 4 weeks.  I'm in no hurry.

Eight weeks later, these came in the mail.  I actually forgot about these flats.  But good thing it did come.  I took them out for a spin today.  At first, it was really comfy.  It did not give me break-in wounds even if the shoe material was a little stiff.

As you can see, the ankle straps were loose.  You could punch holes on the straps to tighten them.  But on second thought, I prefer them loose.  As the day wore on, my right big toe felt as if it was being pinched/crammed into a tiny space.  It became a little sore after some time.  You see, another of my deformity (you can read about my other deformity here) is that my right foot is 1/2 size to full size bigger than my left foot.  After one full day of work and walking, my left foot felt fine but my right big toe felt a little bit pinched.

Left foot
Right foot
Well, you can't really order different sizes, right?  So, a little sacrifice to look good doesn't really hurt that much (tiis ganda!).  Maybe another option is to buy the right size for the right foot and just put a cork inside the left shoe so that it can fit perfectly.

Anyways, I would like to recommend these flats as well as the site where I bought it.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the online shop on and I tried to Google it but I can't find it.  There are other colors on their site that is worth looking at and probably buying.  I'll try to search for their online store again.

That's it for today.  See you again next time for another review on Real Products...Real Experiences.  Thanks for reading!

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