Monday, November 5, 2012


And these are the babies that replaced the blue Shoebox shoes I wore at the beginning of my trip. Read my review here.

Remember when I was looking for this specific style in my previous blog post (read it here)? I figured, if I were going to replace my uncomfortable shoes, then I should look for something really comfy. I'm not really a sneakers/rubber shoes person. So, this is what came to mind. I logged on the net to find a store in my area and I was able to find one.

I'm so happy I was able to find these pair of Crocs. My feet were happy during the remainder of the trip. My eyes were placated since these shoes look fashionable (aside from being comfy) and looked good with the other clothes I brought along for the trip. Lastly, my brain was satisfied. These cap-toe Crocs flats were actually cheaper in this neck of the woods compared to the Philippines. Problem solved.

I recommend these cap-toe Crocs flats for all of you out there who want to look good in flats. These shoes are really made for walking and look stylish as well. Good buy in my book.

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