Friday, November 9, 2012

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Welcome back to another review post. Tonight I would like to talk to you about the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so fresh, Eau de toilette.

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Let me tell you a background of my scent/smell preference. I'm really not a floral-scent-kind of girl. I gravitate towards the citrus, powdery, fresh kinds of scent. I like scents that smell like fresh laundry or scents that smell like you just got out of a shower.

I can't show you the box since I threw it away already (got this a few months back...I had no idea that I was going to start blogging then). But I can describe to you the box that came with it. It was pink with little flowers on the border. When you open it, the cap even has multiple daisies attached to it. So, my first impression was I wouldn't like it at all (based on all the flowers I saw on the cap and on the box). I thought it would overwhelmingly smell like flowers. However, when I sprayed it on, suprisingly, it smelled more fruity than floral. It smelled like sweet fruits (more along the lines of sweet cherry, mango, passion fruit). The scent is really sweet. It has a floral undertone but definitely not fresh or citrusy. It definitely does not smell fresh to me (as per my definition of fresh, being more like just cleaned laundry or just out of the shower scent).

The smell lasts a long time (2 applications for the smell to last for a good 10 hours). I sprayed it before going to work in the morning and a re-application in the mid-afternoon.

The verdict: if you're into floral scents, maybe try the original perfume version of Daisy and not the Eau so fresh version. If you're into sweet, fruity scents (not citrusy), this one is for you. If you are more into fresh laundry/out of the shower fresh scent, stay away from this.

I wouldn't purchase this again-well, I really didn't spend for this though, it was a gift ;-).

Thanks for reading! Until next time :-)

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