Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Skyfall and Wreck It Ralph

Welcome back for another episode of Real Products...Real Experiences!  The review for this post will be the latest 2 movies I have watched.  These are Skyfall and Wreck It Ralph.

Let's start with Skyfall.  I really liked this movie.  It was very entertaining and had the usual stunts and twists in the plot that you would expect from an action movie.  The best character in this movie is, in my opinion, the antagonist.  Javier Bardem was really good in this movie.  He infused character into his portrayal of Silva.  The chemistry and the interactions between the 3 main characters (Bond played by Daniel Craig, M played by Judy Dench, and Silva played by Javier Bardem) were well-played and was seemless.  If you are a 007 fan, then I'm sure you have watched this film.  If you are not a Bond fan, then you should still watch this movie since it is very good and was well-made.

As for Wreck It Ralph, this movie was hilarious!  It was funny but with a good dose of moral lesson.  I think that in this month of celebration of tolerance, Wreck It Ralph really nailed it.  This movie isn't only about accepting oneself, but also accepting the differences of others.  Added bonus if you have lived in the 80's and 90's.  The characters from the different arcade games would be familiar to those who have lived in those decades.  As with Skyfall, this movie is well-made and very entertaining.

So, if you are wondering which movie to watch this week.  I recommend these 2 films.  I think you can still catch Skyfall and Wreck It Ralph this week.

See you next time!  Thank you very much for reading!

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