Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tokyo Bubble Tea

Hi Guys! Another bubble tea moment for me tonight. I went to the salon today, only to find out that my hair dresser wasn't around. So, off I went to go to another salon. On my way out of the area, I chanced upon a new bubble tea place. It was Tokyo Bubble Tea. Of course, unable to resist bubble tea, we went inside and checked their bubble tea.

Here's what we got.
Left - JCC Black Milk Tea; Right - Japanese Green Milk Tea
I like the Japanese Green Milk Tea. It tastes good but a little too sweet. I also like their sinkers/black pearls/ bubbles (?). It's small and plenty. My companion's selection is not bad either. However, I'm not really into the tea with cream cheese concoction.

The verdict: I still like Serenitea. However, if I'm in the area, then I could probably sample more of their bubble teas (and maybe their food too).

Thanks for dropping by! See you in the next installment of Real Products...Real Experiences.

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