Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tous Les Jours

Good day friends! I walked by a nearby Tous Les Jours bakery recently, and there was a sale. Oh, goody! I bought these at half the price (it was tagged as buy one get one) since it was closing time (around 9:45 pm).

Left - Cream Cheese Filling; Middle - Custard filling; Right - pork sausage filling
The first one I tried was the bread with cream cheese and black sesame seed filling.

This was the best one among the 3. The outside bread was soft and not that sweet. The filling was also good and was enough to be around for every bite. I will be buying this one again (40 Php full prize).

The second I tried was the bread with pork sausage filling. I didn't like this one. The filling had pork and other veggies I can't determine. I wouldn't buy this even if its on half prize. :-(

The last one was bread with custard filling. This one is a winner. It's yummy. The bread is soft and the filling is not-so-sweet. I would be buying this again.

The picture on the right shows burned outer covering of the bread with custard filling.  I left the bread inside the toaster for more than the amount it takes to heat it, hence the burned outer cover.

According to the web, Tous Les Jous is a South Korean bakery franchise specializing in French-Asian baked goods.  It was established in 1997 and presently has more than 1000 stores worldwide.

I hope to drop by this bakery some time soon for my new favorites and maybe to try some of their other offerings.

Thanks for dropping by! Until next time. :-)

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